31 December, 2023

Out Of Order, But I Don't Care

Hope's Nose today and after a bit - ok quite a lot - of messing about and indeed getting rained on, I was able to get pixels of this little darling;

Well hello...

Female Black Redstart, along The Sole; first seen by PJ, picked up today by The Teacher. Showing slightly better than the male at Sandy Cove.!

Seawatching has been done, many divers, assorted, have been seen, also some sea ducks. There were Sandpipers, Purple, too.

But I fear all this - and indeed that seawatching post, and another post - will have to wait for January and a long ketchup series... Oh dear.

In the mean time, have another, as Her Ladyship eyes up The Teacher,

"Bugger, I'm surrounded"

Ah, what a way to end a year.


Be Seeing You...

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