10 January, 2018

Ketchup 3; About The Patch

Patch birding in winter mostly involving looking up at treetops or staring at the sea. There are tit bands, Shags, Cormorants, the odd auk.. Sometimes you find something else. Grebe roost to be hoped for rather than just turn up and counted these days.

So I did a bit of seawatching, as sort of detailed already [down there somewhere], including on the very 25th. There has been posting about this already, so you may well be reasonably expecting this to be a brief and mercifully gull-light post.

Ho ho ho.

Itsa Gannet and a

Aukward to get on



Getting back onshore, time for something completely different;



Yes and yes! As you may have guessed by being almost good, these are Highlights from the Balcony. But it got better..

Is he looking at that?

No, that's not a Black Woodpecker!

Wings furled, clinging on. How about that?


Keep looking up

To race

Last Redwing, honest

Taken through glass...

Taken through cleaner glass

"Come and have a go
 if you think you're ha'a'a'a'a'ard enough!"

Elsewhere on Patch, the Coast [assorted bits]

GC Grebes off Blackball

Never too many Purple Sand shots

Turnstones are hard core

Spot the Purple Sand still present


Looks like a 
Butter Cup

Yes, there is a shroom called a Butter Cup. Go and indeed figure.

Ok, that was far too many pictures.

Though compared to the horrific diverfest, it really wasn't that bad, was it?

Oh, and yes your fears are valid; ketchup will return...

Be Seeing You..

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