18 January, 2018

Ketchup 5; Will This Ever End?

Words similar have been uttered more than once along the way I took for this one.

I was a' wandering up the Dart from New Bridge, idly looking for Dippers and whatnot.

This is back in the mists of time when my legs were working like they should and all I had to worry about was not bending them the wrong way again. Oh such halcyon days.....

This was also another of the 'odds and ends' I took part in in December, after regaining full mobility and making sure I didn't miss anything silly while waiting on my moment for FT. Yes, I still had to scramble to get up Laughter Tor.. Oh dear.

Anyways, it was one of those overcast manky days, with enough wind to be annoying but not enough rain to be serious, if you get what I mean?

Watching, waiting

Having found an interesting spot, I spent far too long hoping a Dipper would show up. Eventually one would fly past me - sniggering in Dipper - but that would be it. Oh well.

Less evasive was this lurker;

Interesting bill tone, there

Speaking of posing, this isn't the sharpest, but I love the pose;


Having given up on a Dipper picture, I wandered up a way, then wandered back. Here's a shot I took once before;

On the high path

Of visible note amongst the trees were these;

Tree clams?

Blackfoot Polypore

Through the trees

Birch Polypore

Brick Tuft

The details

It wasn't spectacular, there were no big shows - fungi and the glorious winter scenery aside, of course - and perhaps the best term would be quiet. Not bird-wise, there were plenty about [just no decent photos of them]. But it was lovely.

Be Seeing You..

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