01 January, 2018

Starting All Over Again

It must be January.

I couldn't resist the compulsion to go wandering about the Exe today. I'm not chasing a yearlist. Ok, I might see about Patch, but no more!

Yeah, but I couldn't not be out on the 1st, kneever mind about anything I should [not] be doing...
I blame the Tawny Owl which finallllllly gave me a good bird to start the year with, after all the Herring Gulls and Woodpigs and Robi-[BLOG INTERRUPTED BY VICIOUS PECKING]

I would like to correct that, and say that Robins are wonderful amazing birds and the suet is right there..


Despite failing to find Kingfisher at Dart's, AmWig at Matford [and a few others], I did at least catch the Haldon Hawfinches. Well, two to four of them, anyway... After a heard-only flypast, one flew right over me precisely as I'd raised my coffee to my lips, and one hurried put-down and chase later it or another posed in a tree just long enough for me to get my camera out and pointed but not zoomed in let alone focused... I'd express vexation, but it's standard procedure, really.

As well as a nice Goosander on the Exe and a semi-transparent Jack Snipe among 24 regular ones at Matford, I did find some pretty funguses, which were in the mood for pictures*, so you'll get them in the mythical near future.


Here's something to be going on with until I can post properly;

At least one bird knew what to do

Along with a fair proportion of the diver-fest from yesterday and this that and far too much of the other.


Be Seeing You..

[[* To be fair, I did get a 'shot' of the Goosie, and I'm sure the Jack is in at least one, even if you can't actually see it... Oh dear]]

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