11 January, 2018

Ketchup 4; Madman's Laughter Tor!

Laughter Tor. I almost forgot it.

Perhaps easy to do, it's a fairly nondescript tor, not exactly obvious or anything. They cut the Madman bit out for the tourists so it's just one of many 'tors with funny names just over there' you get up on t'Moor.

But I'm rather fond of it, so failing to get up there wouldn't do at all.

To be fair, I did get up onto the flanks a way back with the Clan, but to do it properly you have to go up and have lunch. Or tea. Or breakfast! [There's a thought - one for the Summer :D ]


So imagine my dispeasure when going through my diary of all the bits I'd done, I realised with a shock I hadn't been up there last year.

Knee be ahemed, off I went as soon as I could.

It happened to be that day when it was reallllly cold and there was ice and snow alllll over the place. It were great :)

I went in from Cherrybridge, took the long tracky way - worrying about my knee - and came back via
Bellever Tor because.. well, it was there and the least steep way. There were hordes about, but well, that's to be expected. Being confronted by a couple of large, loose, and not very friendly dogs was not, but once I turned away they suddenly listened to their owners.. :-/

Anyway, that aside, it was lovely and I didn't hurt myself any more, so bonus.

No spectacular birds, but a few standards showed nicely, and the scenery was... Well, have a look;

Bellever Tor

You sure this is Devon?

Looking back from the top


Definitely winter

Yes, those are bubbles

More of a leaning stone

The Laughter Stone

Looking the other way,
the reason it's more or less alone
in the background, most likely..

Gotta have at least one bird, right?
Compulsory fungal shot
I think this is Benzoin Bracket

Is that it? Wellll....... No.

Last one;

"Hah! I told you snow and wind 
and icy rocks wouldn't stop us getting up"
"Yes, you were right. So..
How exactly do we get down?"

I'm sure they were fine.

Still to come on Ketchup;  More Moor. Actual Proper Birding. That List.............

Run while you ca- oh yes, I already locked the doors, didn't I?


Be Seeing You..

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