19 January, 2018

Ketchup 6; Into 2018

Yes, yet another one....

At least we are into this month now [I'm sure I've forgotten something, but never mind eh?]. Just.

The first sees the calender year tick over and all your yearlists belong to us. Oh yes, that siren lure...

I couldn't help myself, I had to get out there. I did not make a serious effort [which would have involved being at the Warren at first light, for starters!], for reasons you are well aware of, but I still made a day of it - starting on Patch at first light, and ending said light up on Haldon, it giving out as I staggered back back back from eventually getting eyes if not pixels on Hawfinch[es]..

Birding the day away was not the plan. But events had other ideas; at long last my first bird of the year was Tawny Owl [as I'd hoped so intensely for when I made my Devon Big Year] and the joy would not be restrained. So I hit the Exe and, while I managed to horribly miss the AmWig [note to self - git that varmint!], and find then lose a frickin' ghostbird*, I still had a very pleasant day's birding.

As I tap away, I think I actually posted about this but didn't unleash much if any pictures....::looks down a long way::

Oh yeah. Pretty much repeated myself, there.

What the what, here come some pics!

Bowling Green was a bit damp

"Fancy a dip?"
"Nah, looks a bit chilly"

Now this is a counting challenge...

Looking high

Looking low
['scuse the exposure]

That Crow is either very brave or very stupid

It looked glorious at the Goatwalk

Obligatory dots Avocets

Told you I saw a Goosander

Distant hiding striped things..

Ok, change of subject - time for that which cannot fly away or hide behind a tussock! Yes, while hanging around watching the light fade with my hopes for Hawfinches seen and not just heard, I found some fungi to photo  :)
Even better; just after I'd taken these, put my camera back in my pocket, poured the last of the coffee out, and gone 'oh well, time to drink up and head back..', a Hawfinch flew right over me. I told the rest before, so I won't do it again. Instead, look at some small but not too 'orrible funguses;

I think this is an Oysterling 
- maybe Moss?


Could be Conifer Mazegill

[Different form]

It's past its best.
Possibly Tyromyces chioneus

And  finally;

There's a liiiiiiight
shining at the Frankenstein place

Thought it? Reader, I sang it.

Hawfinches do that to people.
[It's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.]

Be Seeing You..

[[*That'd be the new term for the smaller, dark-crowned version of Snipe; which cannot be seen if its name is spoken aloud. Or even thought too hard.]]

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