21 September, 2018


After many delays, we finally cracked and said "BLEEEEP the weather, let's go for an amble!"

Yes, at last, the Folks and I got out and about. The weather was not helpful, but never mind, eh?

Default settings were enforced by the dread combo of wind and very low cloud, so we went to Fernworthy and spent quite a while sat in the hide, waiting to see what we might see. This proved to be a very wise move, as not only did a Kingfisher fly past - shockingly this is my first for the year*!! - but also, it meant we were on site when these three dropped in;


Two more Snipe!

They didn't stay long, having a preen and then moving up Teign, but wow! :)

Elsewhere on the res.

Canadas, Mallards, a big LBB

18 Canada, 34 Mallard, 1 Teal, 1 Cormorant [very pale-bellied juv.] were all to be seen in the gunk - the dam was mostly out of sight!
Water levels also very low;

Hide view
[Snipe on near shore to left]

Normally water from trees to trees

The reservoir was pretty dry, everything else, not so much

Very pretty

Birds were mostly the expected, with a few House Martins and an alba Wagtail overhead, and a couple of lurking Chiffchaffs. Eventually, we came across the tinkling notes of a pleasingly large party of Crossbills, which were typically right up high and against the light;

Adult female
[my bins are better than my camera]

The day, however, was - as you may have guessed - was dominated by fungi. It looks like it might be a vintage year for them, and I counted at least 28 spp. Fungi are also usually much more camera-friendly, as they rarely move when you zoom in on them. Having said that, I still managed to take OOF pics and not realise at the time. It was mizzling a lot, and the light wasn't exactly strong, resulting in some weird effects, which I didn't have time to fix via camera settings [[stop that and get on with it]]


Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric

Lovely examples.


Old Panthercap

[but whiteness and volva imply A. virosa?]

Armillaria sp.
[I think a pale Honey Fungus proper]

Yikes! Sterilise your boots...

Brick Tuft

Sulphur Tuft

Rooting Poisonpie?

Blotched Woodwax

Trichloma sp.

Wood Blewit

Russula sp.

Hohenbuehelia petalodes
[Impressively long name for impressive little fungus]

Porcelain Fungus?
[Thick stems, also despite photo effects, 
actually very buff;


Definitely Porcelain Fungus
Classic Porcelain in situ

[If in doubt..!]

Watery Milkcap?

[somewhat munched]

Pore shot

Big wet leaf?

Bovine Bolete

Slippery Jack**

Inocybe sp.

Interesting one...

... An agaricus!
I'm pretty confident this is A. urinascens
[Not broken by me, btw]

Aniseed Funnel

Nice troupe of 
Soapy Knight

Soapy Knight close up

Root Rot...

Oyster Mushroom

Mosaic Puffball

Chicken of the Woods
Fairy Inkcap

Woo, lots of fungi. :)

Be Seeing You...

[[*Yes, really. I am in shock myself. Things just happen. Birds, eh?]]
[[**The one in the foreground looks a lot like Larch Bolete, but that's not likely to occur in Devon.]]

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