24 September, 2018


Oh dear.

Well, it rained a lot, and then the Sun came out and so did an actual staying-put showy Rosefinch. What is a birder to do?

Join every other Devon birder and go and have a look at the little darling, of course!

Sunday hadn't gone well, so it was late in the day that I even turned to 'puter on and learned the news, but I thought to myself "You know what, self, we haven't been on a twitch for ages. I think part of our malaise is that we are in twitch-drawal. We need birds. Go for it!"

Who could argue with that? [[Never mind that while talking to yourself is bad, arguing with yourself is worse..!]]

So, I toddled over to Froward, and trod the familiar way down down down....

The Daymark


The air was full of hirundines, mostly Swallows, but getting photos of them in the not inconsiderable wind proved beyond me, let alone my camera..

So, to the main event. Where a little bird hid in a gully and dared birders to even get eyes, let alone autofocuses on it..

What do you mean, you can't see it?

You see the trees on the skyline? You see below them a smaller patch of fluffy white Old Man's Beard? Yup, in there.

1cy Common Rosefinch

There it is!

The Old Man's Beard was intertwined with Woody Nightshade, and they were berries of choice [as you can see from the little feller's messy gob!] - I suppose the Sloes were a bit big?

Fruiting bodies;
Woody Nightshade and Old Man's Beard

A longer post, concerning the weekend as a whole, is in the works, with more pictures of not-at-all grotty birds [who came up with 'Grotfinch', eh? They need a proverbial clip 'round the ear. Lovely birds, one and all] and hardly any horrid gulls.

Ok, that might be too much to promise.

But there will be more Rosefinch; wonderful bird.

And there's still that post. Oh yes indeed.

Be Seeing You...

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