27 August, 2019


Right, time for some twitching!

Despite the evil BH traffic, I was determined to have a go for a Lifer - well, you have to - and so off I dared to the Backwater, where there might be some little butterflies.

There were loads of grockles, even more heat, and, after a mere 90 minutes of increasing stress, at least two Long-tailed Blue butterflies! Two seen dancing about each other, and two different ones photo'd individually.

Getting the camera to behave, especially facing psychic butterflies who know when you've finally got the autofocus to work on them, not that bit over there, was fun, but with vast amounts of electrons, I finally got the odd decent image;

No, not a hairstreak
[despite looking and acting like one!]

Those little tails were constantly wiggled about by resting butterflies, reducing good photos to about one in six of the sharp ones..

The same one

Note the damaged right wing - a freshly emerged [and disturbed before full inflation] individual.

Better angle, worse shot

Showing off the good wings

Favourite one!

"Yes, I am a Blue, thank you!"

Second individual
[intact right wings]

::Milkshake noise::

Bashful Common Blue

Female Holly Blue
Less bashful

Plenty of bees about

Of assorted spp.

And grasshoppers!

Who says butterfly-chasers aren't hardcore?

Got the angle

Not bad

Ok, that's enough butterfly porn.

I also hit the Black Hole on my way out - looking for the now becoming traditional Insane Wood Sand Shot - but that can wait for another post.

Long-tailed Blue - wow!!


And then I went to work.  [Holidays? Fah]

Be Seeing You...

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