03 August, 2019


Moths moths moths...

With the deadly combination of camera, book, and curiosity, you are afflicted with them.. It is, despite what might seem to be appearances, a tragic story; with numbers and variety a shadow of what was here even three years ago. Then my vertical moth trap of a home could give at least a half dozen a floor from a good dozen spp. and that's not counting micros.
Not any more.

But there still remains the odd one, and I'm looking regularly. Behold, my first noctuid!


by day

by night

Before and after Stone Curlew business, those. I'd reasonably assume 'tis the same insect.

Yet another variety on 
Riband Wave*

Single-dotted Wave
[a pale one]

An interesting debate is whether the moths I put up here are the only ones present, or the ones present who survive the assorted threats stationary food undergoes. Not least anything which rests less than flush [like a noctuid] would give a clearer shot for a bird or indeed bat to snatch..

Plume sp.

This last from a year ago - put up just because. I do like that double reflection from the window.

Be Seeing You...

[[*The kink in the lines where they reach the leading edge of the forewing is the giveaway in what looks a lot like a Plain Wave.]]

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