12 August, 2019

Quick News Update

Yes, yes, I'm well behind again. I don't know how it happens.. [well, I do; I go off having fun, take far too many pictures, then have to take the time I would use writing to go through them]

So, actual news; this last weekend spent about the Patch - which has been far too neglected recently - consisting two seawatches - Friday afternoon and Saturday morning - and a couple of more general patrols.

Posts about these will be forthcoming, and I will try to minimise the awful blobs. Fortunately, I only actually hit one half-decent bird in blob form { This despite the Friday afternoon LTS taking more than two minutes to get past! Yup, still couldn't hit it...
Speaking of, I lost it at 1537, a mere 8 minutes before The Boss picked it up from Berry Head. I think this says more about a) my extended view south now I'm not wedged in my corner any more and perhaps b) The Boss' ability to detect birds at superhuman range, than any speed freak abilities on behalf of that skua! [Though it was trying it's best, the dear thing] }

Anyways. I shall be getting on with it. Honest.

Be Seeing You...

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