07 August, 2019

Double Trouble At The Warren

Stone Curlews are crazy birds. Never easy.

Hard to see when they are sat down, hard to believe when they fly [no, not going to stop going on about that any time soon]. Hard for me to see, taking far too long. Especially in Devon. Yes, we are a bit short of chalk downland, but still.

Anyway, that's another painful blocker dissolved - again thanks to the mighty IL - so :D

It took two goes due to one of those combinations of circumstances- and I went on about it too much last time, so I'll only say I ran out of time en route on go 1 [when it was still tarting about in front of the hide] and had to use patience and persistence on go 2 [when it had gleefully vanished].

Let's see what else there was about;

On the beach*

Last time I was at the Warren, I'd have been buried in dune ridge trying to stand there. The slope 'should' be on the sea side of the weed strandline...

Speaking of stranded,

Compass Jellyfish
[footprint ~25cm]

Looking out from the hide

Here comes the tide

The Bight

Sunset over Shutterton Creek

Ok, enough scenery, a few birds?

Fishing lessons

Juvenile tern ID test


Terns, assorted

Before the tide came up, offshore odds and ends

Spot the.. oh never mind

Blinged Oyk

Very amusing, this. I'd been through the Oyks quite a bit, in case the SC was hiding amongst them, and seen not one c/r. Which is odd, considering how many are on site at the mo' [it's too many to even be funny...]. So, I take a few quick shots of nearby birds for colour for, well, this post, and when going through them, what do I see? Yup. And nope, while it's a blue darvic under a yellow band, I can't even read the darned thing.. :(


Juvenile Med Gull

Smalls on the beach
Ringed Plover runs and picks
Dunlin probes

Stone Curlew flies!

Yes, the point of the exercise. Ok, part of, as it was - stress, heat, humidity and crazies aside - not just fun for getting a Devon Tick.

No, not going to start gushing again.

Nor am I going to go on about what's happened to the Warren. Though I really could...

Instead I shall merely

Be Seeing You...

[[*I think it was weirdos' day.. Yes, "of course it was, you were there!" ha ha...]]

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