26 November, 2019

Good Birding Bad Birding II: Usual Service Resumes

You may recall in the first GBBB post, I was a Good birder and bashed my Patch, resulting in a lovely Blackstart, then went filthy twitching, resulting in SOFFWPGOLF

Oh come on.. It's See On First For West Pal Get One Lifer Free!  Obvious, right?


So, a Sunday morning saw me trying the same. Sort of.

 Again a normally annoyingly un-shootable woodland sp. struck poses;

"Is this my good side?"

Hey hey Jay.


"Argh! No, not the bad side!"

"Ah, stuff it, I'll sit against the light, then"

Oh dear.

Now, why three shots? Well, getting a Jay to sit for one is rare. Also, compared to what's coming, this is something you may want to look back to [to stop your eyes bleeding...]


:) Well, that one's a migrant. And a tree pipit [note lower case, pedants] ho ho ho.


Hmm, what's that by the buoy farm?

Blobs! Aaaaaaaaaaargh.....

But just look at the schnozz on the one on the left... Hmm. 'Interesting' is probably the best you can call it, certainly 'worth keeping an eye out for on the off chance'

[Ok, yes, awful shots in bad light at ridiculous range.. If only I'd had the prescience to lug the Big Scope down]

Speaking of..

160+ Guilles on the Ore Stone

Ok, in focus;

Cedarwood Waxcap
[and yes, they really do smell of it]

Inland [it's not all Hope's Nose, you knows];

Love an Acer

Spectacular Rustgill

Tinder Bracket

Rather muddy P. adiposa..!

Three spp. on one stump.

News broke of a showy male Surf Scoter tarting about off Broadsands, and I was unable to resist. I've seen a lot of females and immatures, but a male is a sight to see, so I went over.

Needless to say, when I arrived, it had vanished....


Still, scoter were present;  a nice female Velvet and 22+ Commons were about, along with a RTD and at least 3 GNDs. Awful pictures, taken into the usual icy blast [love Broadsands]


Blobs Scoter, assorted

More blobs

Yeah, well, I tried.

These were much closer!

Fairy Ring Mushroom

Snowy Waxcap

Aren't they nicer than nasty blobs seabirds?

Be Seeing You...

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