12 November, 2019


A shock move by the weather, with the stream of wind, rain, more rain, and even more rain interrupted on a weekend by a day of sunshine and light winds... What madness is this???

Never mind, grab the chance!

So I toddled up to Okie and hit the highest Moor.

Night shift hours limited the time I had [in daylight, anyway], but I still managed a 20km yomp, albeit mostly on military tracks.

Ah, it was glorious up there, with great visibility, sunshine, and a cool light breeze to stop you overheating - yes actually an issue. :)

Behold, some scenery;

Someone's gotten all 'artistic'...

Even the car park looked good

Yes Tor

High Wilhays

Little more water on the Moor, now

The Pool of the Crescent Moon

Birds were unsurprisingly thin on the ground, with the only good one seeing me first and zipping off downslope calling [and I had to get well south for that]; contemptuously evading sight let alone camera. I wasn't shocked.

Fungi far more willing to be immortalised;

Meadow Waxcap

Heath Waxcap

Vermilion Waxcap

Nitrous Waxcap?

Westering Sun

Yup, stayed up far too late [I was dreaming of quartering things] and it was verr' dusky when I got back to my poor li'l car - though dog walkers were still arriving! :O - to wend my way.

Good day.


Be Seeing You...

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