31 May, 2021

Still Here. There. Well, Somewhere...

Despite a deafening silence I am still here. Just slightly deserted by the muse of late, is all.
I have been up to no good, so will have things to post, also some truly awful pictures and some not half bad ones. 

I leave you to judge which this is [SPOILER: it's not the latter...]


First of the year, would you believe.... At least three were bombing around Exminster this morning, with a couple of bigger redder things waaay off over the village itself [those first for Devon this year, too - slightly less surprising].

Far more - including horrors grainy and heathazed - will be arriving at some point, as I went on a quest to find yearticks see some birds I'd started to get annoyed by. I may have had varied success.

But I shall

Be Seeing You...


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