22 February, 2022

The Grind

After another day lost, I got out to the Nose again on Sunday to find even less than on Saturday, though some gulls posed nicely...


Gull Pick n' Mix

In a shock deviation from the standard, these are not all Herring Gulls..!!
You know you love it.
After getting some things done, as I was out in the car already, I thought I'd go looking for all the grebes and divers that had to be cowering somewhere.  [Right?]

I plumped for Broadsands [pre-Eunice reports of a RNG may have had a bearing, I must admit] as being closer than Brixham so giving more searching time before forecast rain arrived.

It was... Horribly dead. At least in terms of diving things that weren't Shags.
Looking Patch-wards.
Very windy, sideways dizzle, and a surprising number of mundanes - even non-dog walkers! - and a few gulls harried by said canines. A nice Med Gull was flushed off [and blown away...] before I could zap it, but I did get this;

First [2], second, third winter
Herring Gulls

Quite nice, considering I was shooting across the wind.  :)  Two first winters to show some of their variation I think actually works quite nicely.
[Yes, resorting to taking 'oh look at the age-mix of Herrings' shots sums the situation up nicely...]

Eventually, while I was cowering slightly out of the wind and scouring Elberry Cove, a bird flew in from Brixham Harbour or thereabouts [I knew it...].


A chinstrapped BTD, even. The Artist had found this bird on Thursday and got far better pictures than me, so look at his twitter.


Grey nape

Not bad, considering shot through mizzle and of a very actively diving bird.. 
Scope views far better [BIN views far better....]. Considering how awful most of my BTD shots are [they're not the most helpful of birds, usually], I'm.. Not too displeased by these.

This was the only decent bird on the sea. 13+ Shags and a Cormorant were happily diving all over the place, so no excuses for other spp. not turning up if you ask me.

As the saying goes, you've got to put the time in. Eventually, something comes out. Not this time, but eventually.



Something scenic to end on

Mayhaps the next set of posts will be a little different?

Be Seeing You...

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