28 February, 2022

The Next Wild Goose Chase

In which your brave author goes haring off into the wilds [and...cornwall! ::gasp::] in search of another Devon yeartick or four.

I am somewhat of a creature of habit, have limited time, and don't have a compulsion to go absolutely everywhere.
All these are valid reasons for me not to have been to one of Devon's moderately famous birding sites [or two]. But chasing yearlists make you do odd things, and driving right across the county.. and even Over There.. Is certainly one of them.
Thus, the Bean Geese wintering with a horde of Things at Tamar Lakes had to be given a chance at redemption.
Redemption?? Well, they seem to spend most of their time stuffing their bi-coloured bills on the cornish side, which won't do at all. [Unless you're a cornish yearlister, of course...].
There would normally at this point come a long and somewhat tongue in cheek section about territory, but what with current events to the east [Fuck you, Putin]*, I'll behave myself.

Suffice to say that while geese grazing on the west bank don't count, geese hitting the water to the east...

"...so I said 'That's not a knife, that's a spoon' "

...Are a different matter!
Get in.

Out of water, they proved quite considerate, almost flying right up to me;

Tundra Bean Goose

Tundra Bean Geese

The joys of a fairly bombproof accompanying species; grey geese at 30m!!! They were always aware of the passing public, and any pause got their attention, but with care, they gave views like that.  :)

Tamar Lakes is a rather nice site, despite all the mundanes ambling about. The Lower being fairly small and woody - like a certain spot near Exmouth - and the Upper is like a cross between Drift and Wimbleball, open and army.

Lower Tamar Lake

Upper Tamar Lake
[sort of]

Tamar bridge with the
cutest little oxbow lake
[er, pond?]
you ever did see 
in background


17 of 22 present at one point on LTL in the afternoon.

Scarlet Elfcup

"Human? What human?!? 
I can't see any human!"

Cormorants are such divas...

Finally, I need to show you something I saw from my car [I may or may not have been driving around looking for where those Whoopers spend their days...]. Fortunately, I was able to stop and get the camera out.
Anyways, you'll see why I was keen to get this on record;


Female Merlin

Not bad, right?

Definitely heading back up north again.

Be Seeing You...

[[* Anyone shocked by my language is requested to look at the news; I have been very restrained. ]]

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