25 November, 2017

A Walk Down Memory Path

[[I am getting there with my backlog, but still not quite up to real-time. In an effort to help matters, I've decided to stop sticking in 'as they happen' posts and go in chronological order. So today's fun up on t' Moor, with Bramblings^ and everything, will have to wait a bit. Sorry.]]
[[^Yes, I have photographic proof I know what a Brambling looks like, oh ye of little faith.  :P ]]

Right then;

Long long ago, when I were but a lad, my family often used to go up to Haldon. This was far before the days of the forest centre thing, when you didn't have to pay through the nose for the privilege of being there, you could amble the forest tracks looking up at Crossbills without fear of being run down by cycle or segway, and the viewpoint actually had a - panoramic! - view*

We used to wander down to what is now the Butterfly Trail and were rather pleased when a new pond [ok, technically it was a really thorough refurb] was put in, even though it was partly fenced-off. Hawfinches were allegedly sometimes to be found there in winter, but we never saw any.

A fair few years have passed since then, and the trees have grown [and/or been felled]. So, there were many feelings when I went back recently, chasing the Hawfinch irruption and it is perhaps unsurprising that I ended up going back for an amble with the Folks.

Love those pylons

This was an afternoon walk, nothing serious, though rations may well have been taken along, because why not :)

Pretty colours

Very pretty

More signs than sights of wildlife - a certain LBD found many interesting sniffs - and even dull-sensed humans knew deer were around;

[Plus LBD pawprint centre bottom]

The Hawfinches were feeling elusive in the windy conditions - heard once only - but a nice group of 10 Crossbills gave us a decent flyover. When we stopped for coffee and japflacks, a band of LTTs showed up, but were typically hard to hit;

How many Long-tails can you see?

The weather threatened but never delivered rain - though it did darken far too early for our liking. Fortunately, it is quite hard to get really lost there,

I know which way I'm looking


It was nice to be back, especially with all the Autumnal colour, and it won't be the last time.

Be Seeing You..

[[*There were even {whisper it} Honey Buzzards!!]]

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