27 November, 2017

Another Post??

I am unfortunately suffering some technical problems, so Backward Birding may go on surprise hiatus at any time for an unknown period.

Due to this, and as I have access right now, here is a brief bit about Sunday.

Sunday saw a surprise Clan Meet upcountry. There were a few birds about, despite the crowds, but none felt like posing, and no Hawfinches were seen, heard, or even suspected.

It didn't rain on us and we all had a good time, despite some attacks by walking trees..

There was some scenery to look at and here are some pictures thereof for you;

The Bridge

Proper engineering, that.

These are actually ramparts..

Mmmh, limestone...

Plenty of these mixed in with the broadleaves
Gotta love a Hemlock

Very pretty

Fungi were infrequent

But interesting when found

Looking a bit like stand alone Oysters [contradiction in terms, there], and blending in with the mixed fallen leaves very well - doubtless why they were still there and undamaged - I'm pretty sure these are Clouded Funnel [also inedible, which would help].

Be Seeing You..

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