12 November, 2017

Hardcore Twitching

Definitely hardcore today in East Budleigh, as few indeed were the devoted willing to beast out not only cold north winds, but torrents of rain and lashing hail in their quest to see the Italian Sparrow* that's been found there.

With lots of cover in lots of gardens, viewing was not going to be easy, but the bird was present, and after a couple of fleeting views, sheer bloody-minded persistence paid off;

Wot no Spadgers?

After the Sun came out, so did the Sparrows

One of these birds is not like the others

"Are they looking at me?"

"Got any pizza?"

Hopefully you can see that the 'pale areas' on the crown are either effects of light and angle on remaining fresh feather fringes, or said fringes, which are buff and not grey.

Whatever it is, it's pretty, and deserving of a visit if you're in the area. Kudos is due not only to Jaffa for sorting it, but also the welcoming and bird-friendly East Budleighans; one of whom actually picked that out from the HSparrow mob and brought it to Chris' attention - nice one!

The wotsit Italian Job wasn't alone [not counting 18+ House Sparrows, a nice group of Green and Gold, and flyover Redwings];

Collared Dove

Female Great Spotted Woodpecker
Wondering where all the food went...

After leaving the Sparrow, I decided to have a look at the Otter estuary [not been that way for a while]. The sun was now doing the 'super glare' thing, so watching the bathing beauties horrid gulls wasn't as easy as it should have been, but I persisted. I found a single LBB and a lone Common Gull. Woo.

Much more photogenic was this dread hunter;



Speaking of dread hunters..

Not so cute if you're a teeny fish

On my way out, I tried repeatedly to get a nice shot of the assorted Stock Doves hanging about the stubble, but failed.
I have distant ones, but I'm not going to afflict you. Instead, here's the only member of a 'crest and LTT band who I actually got on.

[Unless you're an aphid..]

A Firecrest was very vocal, but no, that's not it. [What? You weren't expecting one, were you? Come on now...]

I will catch up. I will. I've even bought a fancy mushroom book to properly screw up the IDs from Pyll-du.
  So far, I'm sure I've definitely got some waxcaps, but exactly which ones they all are.. When, for example, there's Scarlet, Vermilion, Crimson, Goblet, Blackening, and helobia that are all [or can be] 'red'.....

Yeah so, I will

Be Seeing You..

[[*If they exist. If it's not a HSxSS. Or a SSxTS. Or a HSxIS. Or a possessed HS. Or a shape shifting alien life form pretending to be an IS to mess with the stupid monkeys......... I need a lie down.]]

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