15 March, 2018

Garden Birdies

In stark contrast to that thing down there, here are some small, brightly coloured and more or less in focus birds seen close to.

Making a feature appearance was a female Blackcap, who arrived in a blaze of vicious chakking and terrorised all and sundry - even the Blackbirds! - for a few horror-filled hours on Sunday morning. Male Blackcap still present, and one [maybe even him] started singing up the road from Wednesday.

Ok, time to hit it. These are in chronological order, so no species clumping here or anything professional like that.

Looking in and wondering 
how to get to all those nibbles

Munching apple

"Say what you like about how pretty we are, 
there's a reason we don't live in the 
lush tropical rain forest; tree snakes!"

"Nice garden. I'll take it."

Who could hate an LTT?

Oh yeah..
[photo taken seconds later]


"Wait a minute, what's THAT down there..??"

Who's a pretty Cormorant, then?

Striking a pose

Yes, when not being distracted by larids, here's something else;

Could be summer

Not saving the sky

Just putting it up there

Hopefully I'll get over my compulsion to go for the camera any time anything turns up in my little garden soon. If not, you can expect more.

Oh dear.

Be Seeing You..

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