26 March, 2018

Here Are Some Other Pictures

In which I post a variety of not-that-far-in-the-past taken pictures from about the Patch of various things. Some of these are quite pretty, being absolutely gull-free, but there are also some pictures of gulls coming, so be prepared. :)

Right then, back at some point in the past - it might even be a week ago - I took a wander about the Patch. It was not at that time covered in snow, and I saw a few things I deemed worthy of zapping with the camera. Here you go;

I don't always hate them, you know.

They're like cats - fine in the right place
[not the same ones, though]

Not just big foreign bushes, naturally [ho ho]

I don't know what these pinky things are,
I do know there's a few varieties,
they're all over the place, and have been out for ages

Ok, you've had the pretty pretties, now for the other stuff [heh heh]

The sea was feeling frisky

The surf was up
[bit messy, though]

Right, time for the horror gulls that were messing about over the flotsam and jetsam; standing out nicely over brown sea in flat light. These are all from the cliff top, but you can still see too much for the sane some stuff. I stayed up there due to the useful angle - lost by going down, and the way I was actually out of the wind for once! [A rare treat]

Clearly visible

Ok, maybe not quite that clear here..

Hmm, maybe hold off on the surfing..

2cy Herring Gull

Almost a lovely view in that last one; note how the mantle, rump, uppertail coverts and tail are very similar in tone, this also goes for the wing coverts. While there is [at this angle] a clear tail band and a very obvious set of secondaries [the wing shape - mid beat - shows them very nicely], this is clearly not a fancy gull. You'd want a standout white head and rump [rump and utc's], with more than just one bar in the sec's to give this gull a harder look. A very pale underwing wouldn't be bad, either.

Further up, we have various ages of Herring Gulls, plus a few others - Great Black-backed being easy, and Common not far off so obvious. The selection was picked randomly, as I wasn't able to see which gulls I was shooting: movement = shutter hit..!

That's about it for this one, though there should be more coming soon, as I have finally dragged myself off-Patch and done some yomping. Pics with Absolutely No Horrid Gulls Guaranteed will be posted at some point.

Be Seeing You..

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