04 December, 2022

A Brief Interlude

Monday afternoon saw me shamelessly chasing after another little birdie on someone else's patch, which had been helpfully located the day before.

Nice thing about being on Nights, those weekday moments :)

Anyways, I didn't get a great day's sleep [ok, morning's] so it wasn't too hard to get up and down to Clennon for early afternoon. 

It's a bit scenic there.

Main site of attention was a little drier, though,

Lots of cover.

Lovely habitat for lurking warblers, wouldn't you say?

The combination of bright sunshine and fast-moving birds means you're getting no pics of either of the Siberian Chiffchaffs I saw, and propriety means you're not getting one of The Veteran, who I also encountered!
Bit out of range for him [at least these days, he's done more twitching than you've [INSERT CLICHE HERE] ], he was on his way out, but turned around for another go, as he'd not found the YBW yet!
Alas, the brightly-coloured Siberian wanderer eluded us - that day it was only seen first thing by BoBa - but we did good birding, and quite a few things were seen, heard, or both!

Gadwall, 2

"Sammiches or death!"

This very confiding Robin attempted to mug us for food, but as we had nothing, had to settle for using The Veteran as a perch.!

As well as the 2 Sibe Chiffs, at least 8 regular-flavour Chiffchaffs, a Cetti's Warbler, and a very large very mobile tit and 'crest band, plus wandering Goldcrests and small tits. Water Rail and at least 4 Little Grebes were vocal, but no Kingfisher show for us ["It was here 5 minutes ago.."] nor were any Snipe lurking in sight.

They've done quite a bit to Clennon since I last properly wandered about the place - the whole 'cycle racetrack' thing was a worry - and it's turning out quite interesting [though the council's plans for the marsh football and rugby pitches may put a dent in future Isbis sightings...].

Be Seeing You...

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