23 December, 2022

The Run In. Pt.2, Issy The Wheatear

[Fifty points if you get the reference.]

The Solstice was marked by an inevitability.

This being that I would be right down the very bottom of the Nose, down by the Toe, when news of the Isabelline Wheatear's continuance would be put out.
[This paralleled nicely The Teacher's learning of it's finding the day before at the same spot*]

I'd been there to not see the sunrise - and indeed much else beside a couple of Purple Sands - but you have to put the hours in yadda yadda- leg it back up the Slopes....



The Hunger drove me, of course, and there is No Power In The 'Verse that can stand between a birder and a Glorious Bird. Oh no.
[No points for getting that -500 if you don't, though.]

Anyways, a not entirely short trip the The Backwater later and...

Turned his head at the wrong moment.

Rule 1. Find the twitch.

It's right there..!!

C'mon it's right there. No not the frickin' BHG... Yeeeesh.

Ok, ok, fine;

Can you see me now?

Isabelline Wheatear

[Which, yes, looks quite a bit like an Isabelline Shrike. I'm sure there's a story]

So purdy

Considering how crocked my poor camera is, those aren't that bad. [Let's not discuss the 150-odd I erased...] For better shots, see anyone else who turned up's social media.

He** spent much of his time waiting for the big stupid animals to get off his boardwalk - a favourite hunting perch - with the odd bout of Mipit-menacing for kicks.
Speaking of pipits, a Wapit was also present, but seemed able to elude every single camera while still being seen by all present.

Lovely bird, right there, nobody misbehaved [Terrible Things were apparently promised to anyone who stepped off the boardwalk on the bird's side. Nobody dared risk it.***]. This is How Things Should Be.

[I may Be Using Too Much caps lock.]

[[I may not care]]

Happy Happy  Joy Joy

[For once unironically  :D ]

Be Seeing You...

[[* Where was I when the Issy was found? Far far out of reach.     Naturally. ]]
[[** Black lores = male. About the only difference between sexes. ]]
[[*** This is right and proper. Also, the Issy would come very close if you waited quietly. ]]

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