11 December, 2022

Keeping At Keeping At It

With the dread combination of Days and That Time Of Year, birding has been rather limited.

18 Fieldfare over East at work, Thursday lunchtime, was pretty much it until today, when determination to try to prise something from the Patch's icy grasp got me out of the door.

Ok, maybe not 'icy'...

Looking SE

Looking S

The Real Living Coast in the foreground, there.
No Sandpipers, Purple, though [??] Only these two,

Spot the Turnstones

And this rarity [for the site]


Birds on the sea were limted to a couple of GCGs off Livermead and a GND off Thatcher Point, with a scattering of Guillemots.
This included one in the Outer Harbour,

"I knew I should have taken that left turn..."

As I climbed back up the hill, a Sprawk almost posed nicely

Cocked his tail like a Blackbird
on landing, which I've not seen before

Earlier, a Shag was a bit better-behaved [but only a bit]

Move your head back, you git...

Even earlier, things got a bit misty at the Nose,

Someone's set the effects machine
to 'Pirate Ghosts' again...

Despite seemingly interesting conditions, only a couple of Chiffs and Blackcaps could be found in the bushes, with a Song Thrush stuffing its beak in full view possibly a migrant [The Teacher reported almost certain migrants in his garden], as were the couple of Mistle Thrushes on IMD

Of course it's a Mistle,
it's right on top of the tree!


A Kingfisher flew in and vanished below the South Side, doing almost as well as the Black Redstart, which was completely invisible...

There was no sign of the Black-necked Grebe of the day before, or the large numbers of birds on the sea [though a good thousand gulls were offshore, mostly chasing one scallop dredger.!], so perhaps they were all off nursing their woes [or possibly hunting down a certain ref and var team and [CENSORED FOR LEGAL REASONS] ]

As has been noted many a time, just because there coulda woulda shoulda be a load of funky birds*, doesn't mean there will be.

Back to work, happy happy joy joy.

Be Seeing You...

[[* Just one would have done.        ]]

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