24 December, 2022

The Run In. Pt.1, Persistence

The second part of that catchphrase; it is something you need a lot of, Patch birding.

[Unless you live somewhere like Spurned or Fraggle Rock...]

Since our little excursion to Exmouth, four out of five days have seen me at the Nose in some form or other.

This has included everything from proper Seawatching to a flying visit - on account of twitchus interruptus - and in varied weather conditions, to say the least.

Some interesting oddities, such as a December Manxie and a north-bound Redshank, aside, there's not been that much to tell and zip of it new for the year.
A worn and moulty subadult Med Gull gave me a start on the Thursday, looking patchy grey and white above with milkybar white primaries and black-free pointed wingtips..... Until it plonked down on the slick and I got a look at the red bill and black eyemask, anyway!
A diver sp. in the Ore Stone channel got me even further, but was far more elusive and remains unresolved.

Also unresolved are my camera issues, with it frequently refusing to work at all, and when it does, doing so in a very limited way.

[[Stop cheering]]

Yule, sunrise.

One day...

Pretty, annoying clouds

Monday, time to seawatch!

Big SE swell

Gulls, assorted, on

Blackening Waxcap

Yeah, even the macro's stuffed...

I ought to put some seawatching numbers in, but I just can't find the energy right now. Maybe they'll turn up at some point [but don't get too worried about them, no great shakes. The Teacher got a Pom - likely wintering? - but I didn't]

Be Seeing You...

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