31 December, 2022

Temporal Issues

Due to Circumstances, you may well be unsurprised to learn that Backward Birding is a teensy tiny bit behind...

This is in at least part due to my busily trying to do as much birding as Life and my head will allow, with actually communicating about said events falling a distant 35th to all that. My now ex-camera [["Wait, what do you mean 'ex-'... You can't possibly me-" "I mean that's it, we're through. You're done. All washed up." "No, no, you can't mean that." "Oh, but I do mean that. You've been nothing but a pain in the everything and for far too long." "But... But.. Where will I go, what will I do?" "Frankly my dear... You're going to gather dust on that shelf."   "Nooooo........."   ]]

Yes. I went there.

No, I'm not the slightest bit sorry.


Anyways, my ex-camera didn't help matters.
I now have a shiny new camera, so woe betide anything that strays into my field of view.

[Sidetracked again [I blame the pills]]

Anyways, I am behind with much posting, so 2022 will wander into 2023. Not the first time, doubt it'll be the last.

You may at some point get a Highlights Post, but anyone who's been reading this thing [and has at least a part of their sanity left, so, er....  Yes, well] will have a fair idea what'd / 'll be in it.

Until then, here's a picture.


Inner Harbour. First of the year on Patch, too! [Gasp]

Happy New Calendar Year and all that, and I shall

Be Seeing You...

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