30 December, 2022

The Run In. Pt.3, Per- No, Wait, I Already Did That One, Didn't I?

When not off on wild shrike hunts or tarting ducks diligently birding, I've been equally diligently bashing the Patch in vain hope of yearticks finding something interesting.

Porcelain Fungus

Well, that at least more or less worked.

With a camera that was temperamental to say the least [I need to stop going on about it, but wait until a near future post...] and birds whose presence was even more so, this has been a challenge.
Though to be fair, even a new sharp properly-working camera would've been vexed by that dratted Scaup*

And what's the point of doing things the easy way? 
Count the Oyks
[The Block'eads too, if you like]


[It should be noted that events have caused this post to be markedly re-purposed from my original intent, which is why it may seem odd even by my standards]

Anyways, I've been all good and local [mostly on foot, too :p ] and been not exactly rewarded for it. A yeartick finally came along, showed very well for the species, but not to me as my head timed an attack to perfection [I'm quite impressed]. But hey, The Teacher got it [and before Stormy too.!!] so it's not all bad.

I'm not gripped.

Sorry, mustn't lie.

I'm not that gripped. Really. Honest.

Would've been 240, too....

Anyways, I have one more day.

What shall happen?

Be Seeing You...

[[* Ah yes, I owe you a post about all that. There are complications**.       I will get to it directly. ]]
[[** Technically there is a complication and a whole lot of indecision and so on.... Ahem ]]

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