28 December, 2022

Looking For Shrikes In All The Wrong Places. Pt.2, If At First You Don't Succeed... Fail Again.

Another day of potentially sunny [well, ish. At times.] weather saw me try again to find a lovely little shrike of my very own.

Forecasts and forked tongues and so on.

[To be fair, there was lots of blue sky, just not where I was....]

Anyways, I got rained on a lot for no shrikes.

Spot the shrike
[Oh wait, you can't...]

It was a bit damp underfoot

Itsa slug!

Worth a try and so on.


Bonxing Day, and a long overdue Day Out With The Folks.

We went to Fernworthy in the forecast promise of sunshine and light winds.



Oh we got rained on.

Yes, some lovely sunshine, and we had a nice lunch at the WWM clearfell [no shrike, obv., but it was nice] but then the rain opened up.

We had waterproofs and so on [Trust Not the weather, my dear, or ye shall be soggy] and the rain eased eventually.

Then it came back. With friends. And hail. These were Serious Squalls, warm[ish] moist vs cold dry[ish] air.

My camera misbehaved, so photos even more limited to its whims;

South Teign

Big Boss sammich

The Mallards had gone, with but a single Tufty visible on the Res. between the deluges.

Despite how that read, we had a rather nice time [well, aside from the weather], with the sunny bits made the most of.

Would have been nice to find a shrike, though.

Be Seeing You...

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