02 November, 2023

A Little Fun At The Nose

After shamefully wimping out on Friday at the prospect of getting soaked for very little [thus missing a Woodlark on deck and serve me right too], I hit the Nose on both Saturday and Sunday.

You're already seen many of the fungi I came across, and they were the most interesting stuff on land...

I have had my first Blackcap of the winter Here [a nice male], and I keep getting brightly-coloured visitors to my skygarden as you may well see in a near future post, but it's been very hard yards in terms of, say, a nice YBW.

Oh well.

But inshore [and offshore to an extent], we have had some joy.


Observe, regardez, lookithere!

Well hello, there

Tripping the light fantastic on the SWBCM, a gorgeous adult Little Gull!
[And a 1w had been there too, earlier, but before I arrived, alas]

Kudos to Keith of The Irregulars for the find and the gen. I put word out, and The Teacher got over and the Power of The Artefact persuaded the LG to come back in [it having gone off to sit on the sea N of the Lead Stone] and show wonderfully again.

Cue far too many LG shots;

Oh, that underwing..

Three small gulls

As well as the Little, minimum figures of 63 BHG and 19 Common Gulls

And storm drains get
such a bad press


Also present, at least 5 Med Gulls [2+ adult, 1+ 2w, 2+ 1w]. I got the odd picture,

White wings!

The same bird?

Meds can trip, too


Just taking a quick rest


Big gulls about, too

That one on Saturday.
Next day;
Common passing a
subad GBB?
Psycho-class LBB!!*

Both days spent much time looking at the sea. On Saturday, a big passage of Razorbills [505 in 30 mins, with 4 Guillemots and a Puffin] in front of the frontal rain late morning, far fewer [7 in an hour] the next day in the sunshine. Sunday had a nice flock of 10 Turnstone going by. Gannets and Kittiwakes both days - with Kitts coming in to the slick - and both days a passing dark juv skua;

Saturday's skua
was full of grace

Sunday's skua
right in our face!

Ore Stone and Lead Stone[!] channels, respectively.

Sunday also had a pleasant surprise in Hope Cove;

Great Northern!

Almost entirely intact summer plumage, though not the easiest to photo.

More Little Gull.


Yes, the Little Gull
is in this photo!

Little Gull last seen off to the north, attending this very close inshore trawler and neatly flying around the Herrings, GBBs, and Gannets to pick the bits too small for the bigguns' attentions.

And finally,

The Artefact
the rainbows

[Did I mention the rain? The hail? No? Didn't mind them, for some reason... :D ]

Both days were very enjoyable, despite being rather damaged on the latter day.
Now for something nice and Eastern [or Northern, not fussy**] come down to stay a while here in my dear Patch?
Too much to ask?

Be Seeing You...

[[* Psycho is a LBB who terrorises Bowling Green like a bi-coloured Bonxie, devouring poor innocent waders {and anyone else he can...} ]]
[[** Or Western. Nice wintering spot for a poor lost Yankee!***]]
[[*** I can dream. Stop laughing. ]]

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