28 November, 2023

30 Seconds Of Joy

Oh, behave.

Firstly, something atmospheric,

After the fun stuff, the sunshine.
[Sort of]

To the biggie;

Hope's Nose, Top Dell, 1042 on Sunday and at very long last all that Patch-bashing I've been doing paid off with a very active [though when are they not?] Yellow-browed Warbler, foraging along the Back Wall before vanishing behind the Olive Tree* while I was getting the news out. [Yes, I really ought to start paying more attention to this blog by going for camera first and phone second, but well....]

It didn't call [though assorted Robins and Wrens weren't helping] but was so bright that I wondered if it wasn't a Pallas' at first. Sadly a good view of the top of the head - while it eyed up its next victim - showed that it wasn't [no crown stripe] and said brightness ruled out Humes' [which are famously dull, though you really need the call to ID one as some YBWs can be very Humes'-looking].
This was on my way out, having undergone a surprise seawatch - after arriving to find unforecast stiff wind and sideways dizzle - and then confirming not only continued presence of 4 Eider and 10+2 Common Scoter, but fixing them as 1 2w, 2 1w males and a female type [too far to be sure, still] with some good light scope views at a distance that only gave photos like this

3 out of 4 by a buoy
2w m top left, f left,
a 1w m to right
Yes, 2w as if older he'd be moulting into adult basic plumage by now. He looks like he's wearing a black suit with white shirt and white scarf. :)

Also, a few Grey Seals on Thatcher Rock.

How many seals?

That's six Grey Seals.

Yes, six. There's a pale one behind a dark one, side-on on the left.

Did I say seawatching weather?

For 40 minutes it was promising

Then the vis lifted

Exit good stuff, stage right, 
enter sunshine, stage left.

Also on camera,

A scattering of Guilles 
on the Ore Stone

Just a few.

Right, seawatch numbers.

Glonk Cormer, 1hr

Auks [95%+ Razorbill]                                                 1007
Gannet                                                                             148
Kittiwake                                                                         165
Fulmar                                                                               2
C Scoter                                                                            4/7
Pom Skua [light m, ad, 0858]                                           1
GND                                                                                  2
Med Gull                                                                           2
Com Gull                                                                          13
BHG                                                                                 5/2
[Note, probable L Auk, 0848§]

[§ Overtaken by large auk group I was clicking through, I kept clicking, went back to confirm... but couldn't refind. There were a fair few rather small juvenile Razorbill in and amongst, but this stuck out.    Bugger.]

861 of those auks were in the first half hour, about 15 in the last 20 minutes! Big groups, a right pain to click, but impossible to count without; real fun! Also keeping an eye for extras within, as big winter auk passages can carry all sorts of goodies. Not that I got anything [just...], but you have to look!

Also a Grey Seal off Longquarry, making 7 in the area.

As well as a small siberian, at least 1 Blackcap, 2 Chiffchaff and a Song Thrush were in the Top Dell area.

It's perhaps inevitable I had to leave sharp due to an ill-advised committment to work [well, the forecast wasn't great even the day before, let alone earlier in the week...]. The Teacher went along later in the day but couldn't connect with the Yellow brow, though he did get a storm petrel sp. passing by, so swings and roundabouts.!

The day before... Is another post!

[And no, I haven't forgotten about that Yet More Fungi and Stuff Post. It is coming......]

Be Seeing You...

[[Yes, it's actually a Holme Oak or something, evergreen and tree-y, but I call it that because a) I'm me, and b) I hope if I do it for long enough, eventually an Olive Tree Warbler will appear in it.**]]
[[** What? I'm allowed to dream.***]]
[[*** Anyways, it'll be Summoned by The Artefact ::Ominous Chanting:: while I'm at work, just you wait and see.....]]

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