08 November, 2023

Nose 1. Surprised

After the midweek passing of the fiesty-though-strongest-winds-passing-to-the-south Storm Ciarán [with an uplifted A not an O, FFS], another frontal system Friday night into Saturday gave those of us with jobs a chance to seawatch.

I suffered a little dormus gravitas, but not critically so, and thus was down at Glonk Corner for mid-morning [could have been worse].
The Teacher letting me know how many GNDs and Stormies he'd had was a spur, and helpfully calling me for every black and white sprite he picked up with The Artefact's Power [which I almost universally failed to get on, but nm] was another [to pay attention, that is].

Bit of a swell

A few GNDs on the sea

and in the air

Many still feeling
rather summery

The odd Med Gull, too

Showing quite nicely, too

2w and 1w Meds, there; bit of a change in a year.!

But as is so often [to my Woe] the case, the best stuff avoided capture on camera.

First, a little scenery,


Or not, as those CENSORED at google have just changed their system; preventing you uploading unless you let them put whatever they like from whoever they like on your device.
Nice, right?
Well they can go CENSORED A LOT.

[Offended by my language? You are at but a tiny fraction of my feeling.]

They have tried blackmailing me in the past, limiting uploaded data [and that was total, not per post, too] - unless, of course, you paid them - and eventually gave that up, so I will be standing fast.

No more pictures on Backward Birding for the present, I'm afraid [stop cheering].

Getting back to the early days of this here blog, when I didn't have the means [yes, that's what the title means; too Backward to even have a digital camera. I used a notebook and sketched interesting birds - and still do!].

I shall be posting a Part 2, with numbers and a lot of talking and so on, when I have calmed down enough to write legibly.

Hmm, this may take a while [the legibly thing, I'm sure I'll cool down in an hour or twenty*]

Anyways, I shall, in one form or another, 

Be Seeing You...
[ To clarify, probably needlessly, thus down here; I almost invariably take several days to write a post. Yes, really. So pictures uploaded fine yesterday, but today? ERROR: 'You need to allow Third Party Cookies' .... Bastards.]
[Yes, this is all about cookies. But the big word is third party, that means it could be ANYBODY willing to pay google to do it for them. Yeah. No. ]
[[* As you can see, I have, a bit. ]]

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