06 November, 2023


Just a few things from Home and Patch and so on.

My little skygarden is not a very convenient place for a human, being mostly plants and feeders, but that does lead to the odd benefit.

Such as getting some rather shy species up close and personal. How many people have been in touching distance of a live, free Great Spotted Woodpecker? Seen the local juveniles come in, see them start moulting?

Of course, shooting so close through a patio door that Woodpigs insist on flying into [despite all the UV stickers], is a little tricky. Then again, I do have a handy kitchen tree;

Who put that cloud there?

That's better.

Through said dirty dirty glass,

Mr Fatpecker

When you spend most of
your time pecking trees,
seeing backwards is important!

The Patch isn't all woodies, here's something that should have been in one of the last two posts, but, well, you misses stuff.

You can miss this quite easily, too,

Hedge Woundwort

This last weekend's posting will be along directly.
There will be petrel.
Be Seeing You...

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