20 November, 2023

All That Fun gi You Were Missing Out On

Now that I can post photos again, I'm going to do just that.

I might even add some IDs
[and they might even be vaguely accurate. Though only might...  ;) ]

[[Don't bother trying to escape, Minion is ready with the restraints]]

Let us begin with a few I noticed whilst yomping about t'Moor.

Heath Waxcap

Butter Waxcap

Meadow Waxcap

Pink Waxcap

Crimson Waxcap

Not a waxcap
[Entoloma conferendum]

Heath Navel

Grassland Puffball

Mosses and Lichens!!


H. helobia

H. reidii

Ah, but these waxcaps are on Patch!


H. persistens
[rather late]

Meadow Waxcap


Ok, slightly greater than expected absence of IDs going on there, though most if not all have been up here before [with possibly even the right ID attached..?], but there is a slight temporal issue ongoing, so I decided to post first and ID later maybe.
I can state that they are not all waxcaps and not all at the Nose and do so with confidence. [[Beyond that, however...]]

Something slightly saner may ensue in the possibly near future, though I wouldn't count on it too strongly.

Oh yes, but before we part [and those nasty restraints are removed].


Right there.

That black thing right in the middle there is a Stormie, south of the Ore Stone and buggering off at speed.

Here it is in front of said Stone,

Below the white water, wing raised, white rump
visible behind it even with this graininess.

I've never even hit a Stormie before.

Closer to,

Look at all that black!
2w Med Gull

It's so much easier shooting a much bigger bird coming towards you at 1/4 the distance when it isn't raining.

Ok, letting you go now.

[Minion, you can release the eye clamps and unbolt the shackles, they'll work them loose soon enough]

Be Seeing You...

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