15 November, 2023

A Little More Fun At The Nose

A significant absence of wind put the scuppers on a planned seawatch attack at the Nose on Sunday [seawatching Remembrance Sunday is almost a tradition].

I eventually figured that while the weather wasn't going to play ball, there might be small things of a potentially stripey nature that aren't Firecrests to be had and headed out to look for them.

A text from The Teacher had me shift pace and Go to the Nose, Go Directly to the Nose, Do not chase that tit band, but instead see another adult Little Gull!

In, on and about the slick, showing wonderfully, and yes there are pictures

So cute

White Winger!

Different White Winger

Not so white in the wings-er

Also at least 4 Med Gulls, with 4+ Common and 76+ BHGs. 3 GNDs were spread out on the sea and a Grey Seal popped up from under it.

On shore, Goldcrest numbers were markedly up on previous visits, with a group encountered on the way up at the Wryneck Bit having at least one Firecrest with them.

Still nothing funkier ashore, though.

EDIT: Wednesday saw the first Blackstart found by The Irregulars' BR specialist MP.

Also, first Redwings of Autumn heard overhead at Work Tuesday.

Ah, 'tis rough without pictures, isn't it? Not even any pretty funguses for you...

Ashen Knight



[Victory! :D ]

Just tried that on the offchance.

I shall be Updating Up There, as well as putting a few other things up.

Just one Little Thing? [Uncropped, too]

Even sat down, it
never stopped moving!

Be Seeing You...

[[* Two birds involved, as shown by head patterning. ]]

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