23 November, 2023

They're Heeeeere! [Wait, Have I Done That Before?]

Finally a little variety at the Nose.

Except for all the Little Gulls. And the storm petrels [that's plural species :D ].
Try again.
Finally wintering species arrive.

Apart from all the GNDs. And we've had Redwing [ok, The Teacher has had Redwing]


Ok, finally some more wintering species have turned up.
Yep, that works.


Adult male, folks!

And what a stunner, too.


Viewed despite a slightly howling gale beside Teacher and Son [I suspect The Artefact ::Ominous Chanting:: may have drawn the Blackstart out..]

Also Summoned, on Saturday four and on Sunday no less than five Eider out at the Buoy Farm [with 27 Common Scoter nearby]


Five not so little ducks in a row

Yes, that is an adult male in the middle. Immature male on right, 1w male centre right, female types on left.

Scoter pics are even worse, but there was some passage also and five came in close [very briefly]

Teasing things, they were

Also heading south,

GND passing Ore Stone

With at least 17 sat about on the sea,



More than one in shot

Still the odd

Med Gull

amongst the BHGs and Common Gulls.

Three Grey Seals

Up to five in the area.

On Sunday, a juvenile Swallow in/off and on Saturday 195+ Guillemot on the Ore Stone ledges were of interest.

Two hours [separated by a call to the Eider] seawatching from Glonk Corner on Saturday gave

Gannet S                                              29/12
Gannet N                                               4/5
Kittiwake S                                           1/17
Razorbill S                                           27/2
Guillemot S                                          20/2
Com Scoter S                                         5/0 [though 5 more post watch; see above!]
GND S                                                   0/1 [see above]

Earlier on Saturday, while I railed against gravity, The Teacher had had a Long-tailed Duck past S along with more Common Scoter and 3 scoter sp. [due to gunk, mist, and so on]. Drat and so forth.

Less mobile sightings from the two days will follow in their own [rather more colourful] post directly.
Here's hoping that a) that LTD hangs about the area into next year, b) so do those scoter sp., c) the Eider do too and also come over to the Lead Stone. [The Harbour Entrance - like Eider used to do in The Good Old Days - would be even better, but, well, there's hopes and dreams, aren't there..]

Lots of hope, but hey.

Be Seeing You...

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