10 January, 2019

Another Quick Post

From this last weekend, when birding took a background role to a big family get together.

Not that I wasn't paying attention to what was around, with poor innocent relations even getting roped in joining in with the fun. Well, there were birds on display;

Goosander pair,
River Teign

There were a LOT of people out, so these two had a tough time of it. Also, along with the usual woodland spp., were Grey Wagtail and my first Dipper of the year - neither feeling photogenic.

Here's something that did pose;

"Got any cake?"

Also easier to catch on record were the inevitable fungi;

The ubiquitous Turkeytail
Here in classic form

Common Bonnet

There was ambling, fun, and a big ol' nicpic with cake and everything. It was good.

Right, I shall endeavour to get back to catching up with all the stuff still to do, such was vast numbers of pictures of big brown and indeed white birdies which aren't gulls [gasp] and some awful shots of other big white birdies which I maintain are ID-able.

Wait with mounting horror baited breath.

Be Seeing You...

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