24 May, 2022

Fairy Country

While all of Devon is Glorious [rhymes with heaven for a reason, you know], some parts of it have been known to take the proverbial.

Sometimes I almost feel sorry for everybody else.

[[I would apologise, but I've met people from somewhere cold and northeasterly with airs illusions of superiority.. ;) ]]

Getting to the point [or thereabouts], I went for an amble with the Folks about a lovely bit of woodland.
That I'm not going to name because it's small and too many people go there already! :P 
[[I'm not having a dig, it's just that google happens...]]

I will include photos, so those who really care can work it out, [and if you know me irl, I'll happily tell you] but suffice to say that lots of bits of Devon look like this, so if you have the chance, you can experience similar places.
We wandered out through a woodscape of undulating slopes; climbing to outcrops and dropping to streams. Above a constant green canopy of leaves, and below a carpet of the same. Shifts in topography and geology meant that the flowers in the carpet changed periodically, though Bluebells were pretty much everywhere. [This being sort of the point]
After a coffee with a view - albeit rather weather-impeded - we went back the other way, along the ridge top. This was a landsscape of lanes and fields, woods and  hedges, still with the periodic shifts in flora.
As you may well have guessed, it was lovely.

Some pics;

The odd orchid or two...

...and an odd moff.
Agonopterix nervosa

The joy of fresh Beech leaves!



Bonsai Oak

It was - despite the uneccessarily inclement weather, misbehaving scenery, and inconvenient hoorays - a rather pleasant time.

The flowers really helped.

Be Seeing You...

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