12 May, 2022

Summer Is Here!




Ok, enough of the usual, I've got something a little different for you;

Wai- Whaaaat?

Tracking a Swift, it dipped below the horizon and the dreaded autofocus of torment and woe did not lock onto the trees or just go out of focus, it still caught the bird. Well, as well as a teeny pocket camera can, anyway!
Look carefully, you can see the translucence of the flight feathers and damage  on the second outer left tail feather [the bird is upperside towards].
I'm moderately impressed, if I do say so myself.

Also, breaking [ish] news from Work, where weeks of skywatching at lunch has produced almost exactly bugger all [two sightings of Stock Dove and a few hirundines. Not even a single Buzzard, FFS...]. Tuesday's effort at last included raptors! Very high up, but 4 of them!
And only one was a Buzzard.

Oh yes, the big influx even found me, with a Red Kite over high from the East, then turning and heading rapidly South, at 1153. A second did the same at a slightly less horrific altitude at 1202, with a third kite going straight on West a minute later.
Also 3 Swift and a couple of hirundines heading North at treetop height.
AND the Pied Wagtails fledged 3 the same day.


Since then? Absolutely bugger all.
Go and indeed figure...

[And no, no photography in the workplace.]

Be Seeing You...

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