18 May, 2022

X-Ray Birding

It is a truth univers-

No, wait, used that one last time.


There are certain things you learn to expect in birding.
One is that certain birds are right little buggers.

Want to see a singing Gropper?

Forget it.

Want to see an Aquatic outside a net?


Anyways, on a slightly less overthetop example, seeing a Garden Warbler is not exactly easy. Especially a singing one.

You'll hear them alright, if you're in the right place at the right time. [Once you know how to tell them from Blackcaps and don't get me started on that]

Seeing them?


Garden Warbler
[if you're very lucky]

Lurking, skulking, hiding. That there is usually the best you'll get, for about a second before vanishing.

Patience. Persistence.

Sheer mindless luck...

"Wait... you can see me?!?"

Most strikingly marked
of all warblers.

If he can't see me...

.. I can catch him singing!

I'm a bit of a fan of the things - irritants though they are - as while they're zog all to look at, they do sing nicely. Better, in my allegedly humble opinion, than Blackcaps [who sound like a cross between a Blackbird and a Robin*]. This may be why Blackcaps have the nasty habit of sounding like them, especially in subsong...

Getting around to more proper blogging, those there were taken you know where, in a landscape filled with Brimstone butterflies [all being right little BLEEPs to try to photo...]. I was looking for them and Spotflies, but found none of the latter.
I did find hordes of mundanes, there being some sort of Event on [arg], but stuff happens...

Oh yes, there.

Many other Summer-y birds, though. It was quite nice.

Away from the crowds.

Be Seeing You...

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