25 May, 2022


Let us open with the usual misquotes of mouse-related literature - or rather let us not - and get to what I actually got up to.

The Nose on Sunday morning was hot, sunny, and grockle-infested.

It's definitely Summer, then....

Painted Lady

Sometimes they behave. A bit.

Several of these periodically behaving immigrants are now knocking about.

Now for an ID challenge;

Once I'd assured it my
name wasn't Arabella,
the caterpillar relaxed.

I have some caterpillars shown in my moff books, but not all, and no ID help [bit of a hole, but of course they have a 'caterpillars' book to sell, don't they?].
A couple of these were basking on sunny path spots.

Easier to ID,
The Whitethroat

Yes, 'the'... He's quite distinctive, with feather damage at the bill base,

In better light.

There were two on site the weekend before, but only one found this time. None still in South Side..
Oh, how we have fallen.

Offshore, a little action among distant gulls and Gannets led the eye to a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins [did I mention I'd lugged the Big Scope along? No? Well, I did]. At least 4, feeding in the Outer Bay.

Only slightly closer to, three Common Scoter sat on the sea, attempted to look like other spp., and generally lurked up sun.

Narrow-leaved Vetch

Common Carpet

Hours in and all that.

Be Seeing You...

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