19 May, 2022

Wild Bird Chase

Turtle Doves and Little Owls are verrrrrry thin on the ground [or a bit above the ground, usually] these days.
I spent a large part of a sunny Saturday looking around former haunts [yeah, spoiler there] for them.
I got exactly nothing.
Well, I saw lots of lovely countryside, and a very nice Hobby; which teased me dreadfully with beautiful views that would have made wonderful photos if I'd just been a second quicker... Then came back around and did it again..!

Glorious Devon

With proper copses and hedges and trees.

And orchids growing by the dozen
along the lanes.
It was all too much for my poor head, which then attacked with an almost unknown ferocity, my other little problem joining in for a double attack that was still echoing when I finally got a couple of hours sleep Sunday morning..
[I did recover, and even got out on said day. Twice. Willpower might have been needed at first, but I felt much better in the afternoon. Honest.]
Anyways, more to come.

Be Seeing You...

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