26 June, 2021

Out For A Toddle. Pt.1 A Red Letter Day

My traditional solstice week off work - once said Solstice had finished raining on me -  started off for the second time with me going off for a wander up on t'Moor.

You know, that place up there with all the bogs and Gorse and stuff. Granitey goodness. :D

Bits I hadn't been on this year were too many to list, so I just went "Ah I'll get up there and see how it goes"

It went nigh on 15 miles, as it happened.


Now, normally you'd get a nice report about where I went and some lovely scenic shots of things granitic, but not this time.

Why? Well, it was a red letter day due to birds, and because of some of those birds, I have to either keep my mouth shut about them or not give any hint as to where I was. I'm going with B.

What could I have seen that could merit such secrecy?

Observe, regardez;

One, two, [just at the top] three!

Four scarpered very quickly, but one poor thing went the wrong way and gave a better view,
"Wait for me!"
"Beep beep!"

Those being the 5 chicks of the female Red Grouse I'd just walked into! Flushed from maybe 15' and she neither went far nor called at all. Very unusual as normally they make a right noise and scare the wotsits out of you! 
I walked on a few paces, slow and careful, in case I could get a picture, but she'd ducked down into cover. Then from almost next to me, a multitude of cheeping started up and the little covey legged it after her. I couldn't believe it and so was a few seconds slow with the camera, thus 'running away' photos. [Also blurred due to petulant autofocus....]

Now all my secrecy makes sense, doesn't it? You get nothing beyond 'Dartmoor', sorry. I will only add that I was somewhere I was supposed to be.

Now, what else to put in? Oh, how about some more Red?

Red Kite!

Not where the grouse were, though you'd have to be very good to ID the background.

This lovely thing [note moult centre in primaries] attracted three juvie Ravens, which had all sorts of fun. The dogfight [actually that'd be a furball] was spectacular, and only let down by always heading away from me, so no close WOW shots [not that my camera was feeling helpful], and no fight shots, due to background. 
The kite won, btw.

Much closer to;

Four-spotted Chaser
with Robber Fly sp.

The least flighty 4-spot I've ever met, much more interested in eating his poor 'innocent' victim than evading me.  :)

Small Heath

Round-leaved Sundew

It was a glorious day, made even better by not only first Red Grouse chicks - so cute, sooooo cute - but first photos of any grouse ever!



Be Seeing You...

[[FYI. Full details are available to the County Recorder on request]]

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