19 June, 2021

We're Going On A Bug Hunt... Pt.3; A Return To Form

Having covered myself in glory and Marsh Frit photos [you do not want to know how many more there were] without getting covered in bog [Or perforated by coobeasties], I went on a slightly long way home.

Well, I had designs on getting a nice Scarce Chaser photo - 'cos they're wonderful things - and knew a place to go where that had been possible in the past without long routemarching through head-high stingy nettles.... 

I did find a nice male Scarce Chaser, who even found a female while I was there! BUT [yeah, you knew it was coming] he insisted on sitting in a horribly just out of reach spot for decent range photos. If I'd been unnaturally tall I'd have been fine, but I'm not.

What I managed to get will come in a moment, but we have clickbait your poor eyes aesthetics to think of, so here's someone I met on my way out. Isn't she gorgeous??

Banded Demoiselle

Ideally, of course, I'd get her AADB, but she poseth where she willst.

Scarce Chaser? Yeah, ok...

Blue eyes, dark thorax, blue abdomen,
black patch at base of rear wing

Even better pic;

Pair in wheel position

Let's look at something else, shall we?

The first Emperor
[of 2021]

Honey Bee

Annnnnnnd we're done.

Be Seeing You...

[[Now where'd that vulture go...??]]

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