07 June, 2021

The End Is Nigh. Pt.4, Wandering Off In The Sunshine

Holiday Monday. [You remember back then? Yeah, seems to far off now, doesn't it?]

For reasons I'm sure were vaguely rational at the time, I went over to somewhere likely packed with the great unwashed and all their friends.

Oh yes, something about a grudge..?


Oh! That's right, Ruddy frickin' Shelducks. Reported again. Not Devon yearlisting, but it was annoying so I had another go.

In traditional spoiler mode, I can tell you that, despite them being reported on site AGAIN* I saw not a sign. I did finally connect with Hobby for the year [you might have guessed that one alrady], and saw a couple of Red Kites - waaaay off over the village - which were probably 2 of the 3 which went over Starcross not long earlier [don't you love the internet's way of helping out with stuff like that?]. They had attracted 'a few' gulls, so mayhaps the third was with them and I missed it. Not hard with the range, haze, and so on.. [he says].

After getting brassed off with Exminster and Powderham - which took a while, including lunch and a good skywatch - and checking right down to Starcross, I headed back home. Well, eventually. I also decided to renew acquiantance with somewhere I had not stopped at for many years; Little Haldon. [By which I mean all of the ridge, not just Little Haldon plantation itself] The Teacher's quite fond of it, so I figured why not, eh?

I found a lot of things I'd seen long ago, some very nice views, and the odd interesting bird. Also a variety of interesting characters, but that's outside this blog's remit.

Anyways, a few pictures. Because.

You can get brilliant views on Exminster.

The Levels may have more, but never as close!

Another wonderful view of
the AGP

In the middle, facing left...

Cattle Egrets feeling bashful


This little horror climbed up onto my water bottle while I was skywatching at Powderham. Look at the chompers! No idea at all what it is, but under 1cm long, so not tooooo scary. Perhaps an ambush-predator beetle which fell out of a tree? That's Lichen on its back [or a wonderful disguise looking like it].

Egyptian Geese, 
not quite sneaky enough!

Finally caught up with these things, at least. Hiding in Powderham park, not in sight on my first pass, but as I walked quite a way along I had to head back and then I just noticed the blobs under the trees [very un-goosely behaviour, tut.] It looks like at least three there, too.

Up on Little Haldon

Purdy scenery.

Ok, that'll do pig.

Coming up..  You know waht's coming up. :)

Be Seeing You...

[[* Later news says they are 'apparently hybrids', though of what I have no clue..?!? ]]

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