14 June, 2021

The Roar... Pt.3; Start the Plane, Start the Plane!!

So we come to the end of a long day up in zumerzet, with me enjoying seconds of the River Warbler. By now it was getting a little dusky, and so I went for another meander about the place - now far far quieter, and so- oh, what the?? Ah, slightly less quiet than I hoped, as someone off Ashcott way was trying to put on their own Glasto, with much thumping techno... Hmm.

My attempt to hear anything interesting getting vocal became even harder as I soon realised something else was troubling my ears. Something constant and slowly rising in volume.

A whine? A hum?

Building more to a roar [ah yes, now you get the title], the sound of billions and I kid you not one jot billions of mosquitoes. 
One makes a high pitched 'Niiiiiii' [they are the insects that say "Ni!"   Ahem.], so think how many you need to make a roar. Think and shudder....
As I passed about Loxton's especially, they rose from the vegetation behind me until I was followed by a sea of tiny hungry wings. It was all very 'Raiders..' and while I knew I was well-covered by carefully selected clothing and about a litre of SSS - just like Indy with his plot armour ;) - I wasn't going to push my luck by stopping there...

A certain viewpoint - higher up and in what passed for breeze - was my next goal and there I spent a fair while. Why? Well, this thing for one;

Barn Owl!!

That would be a Water Vole he's got there. [RSPB folk wince...] [And that blur underneath it would be a mossie...]


Turned up, caught one, flew off, came back, did it again, flew back, came back again, and again...

Wonderful views.  :D

GWEs also active

Though far less Bittern activity than during the day, oddly. I did hear - briefly and never close-to - two different bitterns booming, though, which was a welcome treat.

A very long day but oh, what a rewarding one!

The Star at dusk

And some colour;

2cy Gadwall and Yellow Iris

Juvenile GSW and Mum

No, not the Tor this time.

A famous landmark in some circles, though.  :)

"Get my good side, darlings"

What a bird.
What a day.

Be Seeing You...

[[And this time I even managed to get self and kit into car without being joined by a little cloud of 'friends', too... Bonus! :) ]]

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