30 June, 2021

Out For A Toddle. Pt.2 Elation, More Elation, Then A Nasty Surprise.....

After my epic yomp across t'Moor, I decided to do something a bit quieter and more laid-back the next day.

A gentle amble about the East Devon Commons in search of Silver-studded Blues and Small Red Damselflies seemed to fit the bill nicely.

The weather having been a little intransigent - again no Solstice sunrise for me, though I got lots of rain instead.... - I was a little worried about the butterflies, but my pet spot came through again and I found, well just one, but he posed quite nicely;

Silver-studded Blue

Well worn, I reckon this one's survived the rain.


Note the lack of spots in the inside half of the forewing, characteristic of Silver-studded against Common.

Green Hairstreak

..and another, in the sunshine!

Heath Spotted Orchid
plus hangers-on!

And now, just when you thought it couldn't get better...

Small Red Damselfly

Oh what a star!

Right after I took that, however, I noticed I had some company. Big flies, sunning themselves on the boardwalk. Right, photo time!

Wait a minute...


"Are you alive?"

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrgghhh! Horseflies!!!
[I'm - now at a safe distance - wondering if the differences are individual variation or two spp.?]

Fleeing to the butterfly meadow, I discovered I was even less safe there,

Tabanus bromius?*

It should be noted that all these ones are males; you can see the third one's non-biting mouthparts there! Thus the pictures, as you can't get that close to females without them taking an er, 'interest'...
Speaking of, said females were definitely present, and made life very unamusing for me.

Arg, just putting those Horrors up makes me itch, so I'll stop here and carry on with another post, as yes, I have MORE PICTURES!


Be Seeing You...

[[* Horizontal line through eye indicates this sp.? ]]

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