09 June, 2021

The Roar... Pt. 1; Tally-Ho!

I knew it.

A first family meet-up - with relations down for a quick break - was inevitably the time when a mega would break [in reach, that is].
Family comes first, so it was - after a rather sleepless night and so far later start than desired - that I fought through the hordes on the M5, detoured a long way to avoid an accident, and finally arrived at Ham Wall late morning, to get I think the only spot in the car park..! [[Apparently it had been solid since 0500. I'm not surprised.]]

The Sun shone and it was quite toasty as I lugged the big scope down the line [old railway] to the spot in question. Twitch hard to miss. Bird also hard to miss, once he popped his little darling self up and let rip [you could hear him 100m away..].

Which bird?

This bird;

River Warbler!!!

Go to xeno-canto if you don't know the refrain [think super sewing machine.. :) ].
River Warbler is a central Europe eastwards breeder by slow, lowland rivers [shock] which winters in India and SE Asia. No business being anywhere near, and is a 3-star rarity as such. Almost all of them that are seen are up on Shetland or Fair Isle in the Autumn, and then not easily as they are notorious skulkers [being related to the Gropper, and so more than half Mouse!]. One not only in the SW but showing fabulously [and it is, at time of writing, still doing that] is just silly.
[[Though a local who shall remain very nameless did tell me the patch workers covering the site were joking about finding one there. It was of course found by someone else, as the Goddess of Birding has a sense of humour...]]

He didn't always sing:
Odd pause now and again [for applause, perhaps?]

Photoscope mess

My camera does not like my scope. But just look at that undertail!

Then look up!

"Bloody racket, can't get a peaceful day's sleep..."

Nice distraction between showings. :D  Also Marsh Harrier and GW Egrets flying about the place.

After two good bursts of song, I gave my [all very properly distanced] place up and went off to have a bite to eat and a mooch around, ideally away from the hordes.
About 6 hours later I was back for seconds  O:D
I didn't leave until not long before the gates were locked.

What on the Levels was I up to?

Well, that's another post. 


Be Seeing You...

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