21 June, 2021

That Patch Place.

It hasn't all been swanning off after bugses, assorted.

I have [finally] some photos of things on Patch - and indeed on-Skygarden - that need reporting, so here we are.

First up, I happened to be about the southern bounds* of the Patch on Friday, and despite continuing horrid weather [though now overcast and muggy instead of sunny and muggy...]. I didn't expect to find these, I must say;

Southern Marsh Orchid

Another one


The only orchids the council haven't mown to death... 

Also on the same site;

Stinking Iris

Ridiculous name, that... 'Gorgeous Iris' is much better, I think.

At Home, I finally have some birdy pictures to share;

juvie Blackbird

juvie Greenfinch

...or two.
Also juvenile Blue Tits, but a bit too mobile to catch on camera.


Why the fuss? Present and singing for at least a week! This is a bit of a deal on the Patch. Why? Well, of the 'regular' finches, Chaffs are the rarest here, especially in Summer. I've fingers crossed. :)

Robin, perched on feeder.
[They like the suet nibbles]

Also past needing

I'm waiting for the Dunnocks to learn, now...!!!

Ah, what a year.

Hmm, wonder what's next?

Be Seeing You...

[[* That's the urban bit, too..! ]]

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