17 June, 2021

We're Going On A Bug Hunt... Pt.2; The Soggy Bit

Having done my duty at the Nose, I headed off after Goal Number One.

After many years' woe, it was a markedly different matter this time around. Marsh Fritillaries are very easy to find, if you know exactly where to look.

I do, now. And lo and behold;

Marsh Fritillary

At least 14 present at this site, though no other butterflies other than a few GV Whites.
Marsh Frits like marshy ground, and here you get that in spades; walking boots and gaiters minimum, and bog-hopping skills required. :)  Yes, that's right; you can't go around it, you can't jump over it, you've got to walk through it [carefully, too, as there are many lovely plants to not step on. Also deep bits best not stepped into... :) ]
The place is alive with Heath Spotted Orchids, and the MFs love basking on them, so you get extra photogenics. :D


And another
[Marsh Frit on actual marsh!]

So sharp and fresh... [Of note for non-butterfly obsessives, the shininess is a feature of Marsh Frits]

Large Red Damselfly with
unlucky moth sp.

Perhaps a reason for low butterfly numbers? [Kidding, I blame the weather*]

 Keeled Skimmer

Ragged Robin


Can I resist more MF pics? Can I BLEEEEEEP....

Waiting for a wing lift that never came.

Blimmin' grass...

Ok, ok, that's enough.

Still to come; [Yes, still!] we have a final stop, where I go after yet another rare-ish insect and sort of succeed, but get something purdy as well.

Be Seeing You...

[[* And the ongoing insect omnicide, of course... ]]

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